February 20, 2012

Walking by Paris on the way to work

On the way to work from RER C station Musée d'Orsay this morning. Beautiful view of the city.

February 10, 2012

Paris is this winter cold and romantic. The sky gets every evening different great colors. You just need hot clothing to appreciate the city during a short walk before having a hot chocolate!

January 23, 2012

Pastries - Chouquettes

These are simple pastries easy to do at home. When seeing them in the bakeries I thought the contrary but (be sure I'm bad on cooking) I cooked them easily for the second time this weekend and they did not last one day.
The chouquettes look like small bread balls with nice sugar bits on them (picture to come).
If you want to have Paris at home, you just need eggs, water, sugar, salt and butter I took the recipe on the web (French version).

Bon appétit!


January 2, 2012

Place Felix Eboué - Paris

On the Parisian places I really love you can get to place Felix Eboué, Metro Daumesnil (line 6 and 8). There is a magnificent fountain with Lyons, the ambience is really French. Twice à week, you will find an open market with fresh products, fishmonger, fruit stand... And until the end of January you can also enjoy illuminations.
Near this square you can also get Bastille (line 8).


December 26, 2011

Exhibition Sempé

Until February 11th
Hôtel de Ville.
Salle Saint-Jean.
5, rue de Lobau.
75004 Paris.
Metro : Hôtel de Ville (line 1)
Opened from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8:30pm

I just wanted to see this exhibition and could not find time for it. When at least got there found a waiting line, but finally I get in about 10min later. Hope it will be really good...
Inside the wait is still long! 10 extra min and nothing to see! Just think about living the exhibition and I decide to jump the line to have a look on some drawings. This magnificent work is first shown inside of small windows which are all installed along a wall, so to see them all you must wait in line… I could not wait! So I just saw some of them and could have a fast glance to this Parisian ambience with the views on the small parks, and streets what a great work. I really love Sempé drawings…
After the “first room” no more waits, there are several groups of drawing organized by publication so you can see the American review for which the artist worked.
It’s a great job, it’s beautiful, and it’s all in one good to laugh and poetic. But if you do not want to wait you can just buy one of his books or the exhibition catalogue that should be just ok!


December 22, 2011

Restaurant : Les tables du 104

104, rue d’Aubervillers
75019 Paris
Tel 01 40 37 10 07
Métro : Riquet, Crimée (ligne 7) stations Stalingrad (lignes 2, 5 et 7 : sortie 2, bd de la Villette) et Marx-Dormoy (12)

The 104 (Centquatre) is an unique cultural place in Paris . The building is first of all huge and splendid and allows to receive several stages, a library and of course a restaurant. Therefore after the spiritual and cultural foods nothing of such as to try earth food. And definitely, at4pm, the restaurant serves as well plancha of charcuterie as waffles! Anything to satisfy all tastes. And on top of that, my chocolate waffle was excellent. Therefore before or after the visit of the place, you will be sure to find a good restaurant.

Hotel Berne Opéra

December 16, 2011

Restaurant l'Entrepot's

68 Rue Ménilmontant
75020 PARIS
TEL 01 43 49 59 17
Metro: Ménilmontant(line 2)

Entrepot' s deserves! Having walking up a good part of the street of Ménilmontant, we finally arrive at Entrepot' s, nice and convivial place. The atmosphere looks like a bric-à-brac trades, what gives the aspect of a bazard which is in finale very successful. Service is nice, without more but we eat well and for inexpensive cost : a menu at 13 €, it is rare in Paris! Then if you are in this district of Paris, take a chance, you will not be disappointed.

Hotel Berne Opéra

December 8, 2011

Restaurant Le Petit Turin

25 rue de Turin
75008 Paris
Tel 01 43 87 44 84
Metro : Rome (line 2)

Located 3 mn walk from the Hotel Berne Opera, the restaurant “ Le Petit Turin” is worth to see it : Well decorated, extra fresh products and very friendly service. Thursday and Friday evening, there is even a pianist to allow the customers to have dinner in music. Therefore in midday or even for you Happy Hour, do not hesitate to push the door of this delightful restaurant.